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General Terms and Conditions

Ihelm Enterprises is a company dedicated to providing the best quality service in all respects. We believe this is best achieved through operating clear and simple pricing alongside clear and simple products.

Ihelm Enterprises offers several different services under the Ihelm Enterprises name. These services are covered by the Terms and Conditions in this document. Certain services have specific Terms and Conditions and are clearly marked in the document by headings throughout.

The initial areas covered by this document covers the general area of providing services to yourself by Ihelm Enterprises.

As with any agreement for the supply of products and services, we have to define what we will provide and what you can expect. As in many legal documents the terms our, we and us refer to the Ihelm Enterprises side of the agreement. We use you, your and client to refer to the customers side of the agreement.

You agree to pay in advance for services that are provided over a specific time period and to pay by the agreement method.

You agree that where payments are to be charged to a credit card the charge will be made automatically.

You agree that e-mail will be used for all invoicing and that the e-mail address will be the address supplied and maintained by you under the terms of the agreement.

You agree that it is your responsibility to ensure that payments made to Ihelm Enterprises do not overdraw any payment facility of yours and that any costs incurred by you in this respect are your responsibility.

As described elsewhere in these terms and conditions, Ihelm Enterprises reserves the right to suspend and cancel services with appropriate notice. You agree that Ihelm Enterprises is not liable to refund fees that have been paid in advance and that cover any remaining period after such cancellation.

You agree that your cancellation of the agreement will be effective from the next 12-month anniversary of the contract, or the next month of the contract if paying by monthly instalment.

You agree that Ihelm Enterprises is not responsible for any loss or damages your business may suffer.

You agree that there are no written or implied warranties as to our services.

You agree that we deny any warranty of merchantability for any specific purpose, including but not limited to delay in delivery, non-delivery, loss of data, service interruption and other failures committed by us.

Ihelm Enterprises Limited has a zero tolerance policy of abuse of any member of staff.  This includes verbal, physical or written.  Any client who is deemed to have been abusive will have their contract terminated immediately.

Compliance with law

Ihelm Enterprises is based in England and operates under the laws of England and Wales.

Ihelm Enterprises will comply with all laws and make every effort to assist in the investigation of possible infringement by others.

You agree that if you operate multiple accounts with us, an infringement of the terms on any one account may lead to suspension or cancellation of all other accounts.

You agree that we may amend these terms and conditions at any time subject to giving 14 days’ notice via the e-mail address supplied and maintained by you.

You agree that in the case of our not notifying you of changes via e-mail we may choose to post a notice on our website a minimum of 30 days in advance of any changes.

All invoices for services can only be paid via cash, cheque, PayPal or bank transfer.

All invoices are to be paid within 28 days of the date of the invoice, unless otherwise stated, otherwise a 2% charge per month may be added. Failure to pay for services may mean that the provision of services is terminated.

Force Majeure

Neither we nor the client shall be liable for breaching this Agreement where that breach results from Force Majeure.

Force Majeure refers to any event that is beyond the reasonable control of the parties and includes, but is not limited to, acts of God; acts of war; national emergencies; government action; union action; civil unrest; fire; explosion and flood.

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