4 Things to Keep Your Computer Secure

Just about everyone has a computer (or a laptop) but does everyone keep them as secure as possible? Listed below are things 4 that you can do to help keep your computer as secure as possible.

  1. Keep your computer updatedIf you use Windows, you will have the option to have updates automatically install, for you to download and install them, or for the computer to download and you to install them. It is important that you install the updates as they will fix any security bugs that have been found.

    If you use Linux, you will still have updates to do, and for the very same reasons as above.

  2. Use a firewallIt is a good idea to have a firewall installed on your computer, and make sure it is up to date. The firewall will help to keep your computer protected from hack attempts when you visit websites that aren’t safe.
  3. Use an anti-virus programAn anti-virus program will scan your computer as often as you want it to, as well as scan all incoming e-mails and websites you visit. It will let you know if an e-mail has come in that has an attachment that contains a virus, and it will remove the threat.
  4. Keep software updatedIt is important that all software that you use on your computer is kept up to date. Manufacturers will release updates if any security bugs are found. Keeping programs updated will help to keep your computer safe from hack attempts and virii.

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