QuickBooks Advanced Certification

QBO Advanced ProAdvisor

After I gained my ProAdvisor certification with QuickBooks Online, I wanted to do the advanced certification, but it was only offered in a classroom-based setting which unfortunately wasn’t suitable for me due to my mobility issues. There was talk of them eventually doing the training over distance learning so I was eagerly awaiting that day.

It happened by chance that I saw a post from someone on a Facebook group I use, saying that two of the QBO trainers were going to be offering the Advanced Certification through a series of webinars. I signed up to do the courses straight away and counted down the days before they would start.

The training was offered over 4 2-hour long webinars and each session had a booklet that you would need to work through. You had to complete each workbook before moving onto the next session. Before starting the webinars there was a pre-workbook to complete which was basically just getting the training company file created on the online portal. Each session covered several topics that went further than the basic training.

Session 1 covered setting up a company, the best order for importing data, importing customers and suppliers and how to deal with special accounts when setting a company up. I’ve already set up a few client accounts on QBO, but I did find this more in-depth look at the process to go through very useful and will be ensuring I follow this process for any future accounts I set up.

Session 2 covered complex banking transactions like ones you would need to deal with if you had a retail client (so till receipts for example), job costings and using sub-customers, timesheets, foreign transactions, PayPal, banking rules, and many other topics. It was quite a coincidence that just as I was learning about how to deal with retail clients that I actually signed up my first retail client! I’ve already put the template in place for dealing with Till Receipts as per the instructions from the course, and have found it extremely useful.

Session 3 focused on special VAT set-ups – so how do to do corrections, the different rates, EC sales lists, partial exemption and the Flat Rate Scheme. It also looked at period end and the various things you need to look at when closing off a set of accounts, and special company setups like charities and legal practices. The VAT section was really good and I know I will be using a lot of the tips from this for my VAT registered clients. The section on the Period End showed me a lot of tools on QBO that I didn’t know about – things like how to merge debtors/creditors/nominal accounts and how to reclassify transactions. The reclassifying tip is one I will most definitely be using with clients when we discover incorrectly coded transactions.

Session 4 was all about reports – budgets, how to customise reports, and management reporting. I am hoping I will be able to help my clients to use all of the features of QBO to their fullest. There are a lot of great reports in the software that can give you a very in-depth look at the financial position of your business and I look forward to helping my clients discover them.

At the end of the final session we were provided with information on how to access the exam. Before I requested access, I rewatched the webinars to make sure I did not miss anything. The exam was broken down into 7 sections and you were allowed to use your notes to help you. There were a couple of questions I wasn’t 100% sure on, but at the end of the 2 hours I was rewarded with a very good mark and am now an Advanced Certified ProAdvisor.

I am looking forward to putting everything I’ve learned into place so that I can help my bookkeeping clients to grow their business. I am always on the lookout for further training that I feel will be beneficial to my clients.

If you would like to contact me to discuss how I can help you with your accounts, send me an email to info@ihelm-enterprises.co.uk.

The Awards Ceremony

We needed to attend the awards ceremony which was a black-tie event held in Birmingham at the MacDonald House Hotel. I had never attended a black-tie event before so of course I started to panic about what to wear, what would it be like, would I feel out of place.

I had a dress worn to a number of events previously and I had jewellery to bling and a lovely pair of shoes, so at least I was sorted on that end. Michael even got himself some spiffy new clothes. The day before, I had my nails done by Sarah from Glamourize, and I was going to have my hair and makeup done at the hotel. I don’t think we turned out too bad!

I was really nervous about going as I didn’t really know anyone apart from talking to them on the FB Group. I was worried I wouldn’t fit in or have anyone to talk. I was so wrong! Charlotte (The Bournemouth Wrap Girl) was the first person to speak to me – she recognised me from the group and she was so lovely and friendly – it really put me at ease. The girls who did my hair (Deborah from House of Hair) and makeup (Alexandra from A.B Beauty) were absolutely fab and helped me to gain even more confidence.

There was a drinks receiption to start the evening, which was quite daunting. I tried to remain as inconspicuous as possible which is no mean feat when in a wheelchair. We went to the seating plan and discovered the theme for the night was “Superheroes”. I was pleased to see that Charlotte was sitting at the same table.

On entering the function room – all I can say is wow! The decorations, the atmosphere – it was all so amazing. There were gift bags at each table and a special sweet treat from Belles Cakery – omg the brownies were absolutely delicious!! The host for the night – Dave – kicked things off and really put everyone at ease and in the mood for fun and celebration.

Throughout the night the awards were given out between courses and everyone was encouraged to get to know each other. A young woman named Carris spoke to us about brain tumours and how the charity, The Brain Tumour Charity, doesn’t get any government funding and she hoped we would help the charity out. It was a moving talk – you could have heard a pin drop in the room.

As the time got closer to the “Against All Odds” category, I could feel butterflies in my stomach and I was really anxious. I didn’t win – the judges found it really hard to choose as all of us in the category had overcome so much – but it doesn’t matter to me because I am a finalist. It was the first business awards I had ever entered and I’m so proud of what I achieved.

The night ended with a raffle and dancing. Michael and I both won a raffle prize. We didn’t stay for the dancing as I needed to take my medication and get some sleep.

I’ve come away from the awards with some new friends and even more determination. I know my business can work – there are tons of businesses out there of all sizes that need a bookkeeper – I just need to find a way to reach out to them. There are plans for Ihelm Enterprises and I am going to work hard to put them in place. There are also other business awards out there, just waiting for people to enter them – and now I have more confidence in myself and in what I do – I will be submitting more applications.

I’m a finalist?

Finalist in the Networking Mummies UK Ltd Business Awards 2018

It’s been an interesting couple of months for me.

In March, on a whim, I decided at the last minute to enter the Networking Mummies Business Recognition Awards 2018 – I think there were about 10 minutes left before the deadline. I didn’t enter a specific category – I just filled out the nomination form with as much detail as possible. I hit “Submit” and didn’t tell anyone what I had done. I didn’t really see the point as I doubted that anything would come of it.

March 13th arrived and when I opened my e-mails I had the shock of my life – an e-mail with the subject heading “Congratulations You Are A Finalist” – jumped straight out at me, and I was shaking as I read the contents which told me I was a finalist in the “Against All Odds” category!! In the 14 years I have been in business, these were the first awards I had entered, and I was a finalist – I couldn’t believe it and I’m sure I was in shock! I remember trying to get a hold of my husband, Michael, and when he didn’t answer for the 3rd time, I messaged a good friend, Shirley, to tell her – I needed to tell someone.

Eventually, I got a hold of Michael and I know as I told him what I had done and what the e-mail said, I was shaking like a leaf and my mind was whirling. He managed to get me to focus and told me I needed to first of all sort childcare out, sort tickets, hotel etc. Thankfully a friend was able to have our daughter on the big night and from there everything just fell into place.

As a finalist, I was provided with a press release template to send out to local newspapers/radio stations etc. I spent a lot of time writing and re-writing the press release and getting help from people on the FB business groups I belong to. It was finally completed and just after Easter, I sent it out to a number of local papers and to my bookkeeping association. I had a response from the group who deals with the Lancashire Post and my bookkeeping association. There were many e-mails back and forth which resulted in a full-page spread telling my story in the Lancashire Post!!! My bookkeeping association also did an article on me – they included me in their May newsletter in their Member Profile Section. However, while I was being interviewed for the Member Profile, I was asked if I would also allow them to feature me in their Top 100 Influential Women in Bookkeeping. I admit that I ended up crying on the phone.

I don’t consider myself to be doing anything special, I am just doing what I must. Life dealt me a hand that I wasn’t expecting or prepared for and I had two choices – play it the best I could or fold and give up. Well those who know me will know that I am not a quitter so there was no way I was giving up my dreams. I have found ways to continue to run my business and to be part of my family, and I have no plans to give up anytime soon. If my story can help others see that no matter what life throws at you, you can still achieve your dreams, I will be happy.

Working for you 24/7

Over the last 11 years, Ihelm Enterprises has grown, shrunk and grown again. The level of customer service has always remained the same, as demonstrated in a testimonial we received recently.

“I have had a hosting reseller account with Ihelm Enterprises for several years now. They are always friendly and courteous if I need any help, and on the odd occasion that there has been a problem with the server they have communicated progress in a timely manner so I can pass on the details to my clients. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone else need to buy hosting or a reseller package.” Lucy Jiwa, Jiwa Web Design

Ensuring our customers are receiving the service that they pay for is essential to our business. If our customers weren’t happy they would not recommend us to other people and the company wouldn’t grow.

Some key things to ensure our customers are pleased with our customer service are:

  • responding to e-mails as quick as possible
  • keeping customers informed if there are issues
  • giving proactive advice to customers before problems occur

If you would like to know more about our hosting services, visit our Hosting Page. If you like this post please pin it to your website hosting pinboard.

Ihelm Enterprises Customer Service

Stumbling Blocks – Bookkeeping and Websites

Every now and again I will come across a stumbling block while I am working on a client’s accounts or on fixing a problem with their website. It can be quite frustrating, but not impossible to overcome. When I get stuck on a project, I will step back from it and move onto a different project, or just take a break altogether.

I have been known at times when working on a set of accounts to stay up until the wee hours of the morning and hammer away at them until the figures balanced, but that was before I became a parent. Now, I will take a break for 20 minutes or so, and then come back to it. If I still can’t figure out what’s going on, I will put it aside until the next day, or ask my husband to have a quick look and see if he can find where I’ve gone wrong. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes – either your own after being rested, or another person’s – to help you find the mistake and get things corrected again.

With a website issue, it sort of follows the same pattern. I hit a wall, try a few times to hammer it down, and if it doesn’t work, I will put it to the side for a bit. When I go back to looking at the issue again, I will try to Google different phrases relating to the issue to see if I can find some helpful hints on getting past the wall. Sometimes it’s a team effort where my husband and I work on the website issues together.

Give us a shout if you need help with an accounts issue or a website issue.

Accountants in Chorley & Surrounding Areas

Are you an accountant in Chorley, Lancashire or the surrounding area? Have you got an influx of clients that require bookkeeping? If you have answered YES to either of these questions, we are here to help you!

Ihelm Enterprises has been providing bookkeeping services to small businesses and accountants for over 11 years. We work closely with all of our clients to ensure they receive a top-notch service. We have worked with local accountants to help them provide bookkeeping services to their clients. By outsourcing the day-to-day bookkeeping to us, you will free up your time to be able to provide an even better service to your customers. As their accountant, you will be able to focus on providing them with more focused tax & business advice.

We have several ways that we can get the necessary paperwork from you. It can be sent electronically via e-mail, Dropbox or secure server. We can also arrange to pick up paperwork from your office is you are in Chorley or within 6 miles.

We currently have 12 hours per month per client that we can offer to help you provide the best service possible to your clients, and so you can start growing your business.

Contact us now via our Contact Us page to find out more!

A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Companies

I get asked a lot of questions about what type of company people should set their business up as. There is no right or wrong answer to this question as it is down to a personal preference. However, I have outlined below some of the main points about some of the most common types of businesses.

Sole Trader (Self-Employed): The description is in the name – you run the business on your own and the profit is your income. A sole trader you are required to register with HMRC as a business, file a self-assessment at the end of every tax year, pay tax on all of the profits and you are responsible for your own NI. You can still have staff (employees). You alone are responsible for any debt the business has. Apart from trademarking your business name, there really isn’t anything protecting the name you’ve chosen.

Limited Company: A limited company is owned by those who hold shares in it. Everything is separate from your personal finances and the company is responsible for its own debts. All profit that is made belongs to the company, and it must file a corporation tax return at the end of the financial year. The name of the company is protected as you must register with Companies House. Each company must submit statutory accounts and an annual return to Companies House. Directors must submit a self-assessment to HMRC at the end of every financial year.

There are subtypes of limited companies:

Limited by Shares: Most common type and means that a shareholder is only responsible financially for the value of shares they own but haven’t paid for.

Private Company Limited by Guarantee: The company has the financial backing of a director or shareholder up to a specified amount.

Public Limited Company: The shares are traded publically.

Partnerships: All partners of the business share responsibility for any losses that are made and for any bills. All profits are shared between them. Each partner must submit a self-assessment and pay tax on their share of profits. They must also pay PAYE and NI. The partnership must send a partnership self-assessment to HMRC at the end of every tax year.

There are two types of partnerships:

Limited Partnership: If the business has any debt that it can’t afford to pay, it is split among the partners. However, this is limited to the amount they initially invested.

Limited Liability Partnership: Partners are limited in their liability for any debt the business has. They are only liable for the amount they invest. All responsibilities and how profits are to be shared are set out in an agreement.

These are the basic types of businesses that you can have. Each one can have employees, and if you do, you will need to register as an employer with HMRC and submit payroll information on a regular basis.

To find out more about the different types of businesses, and how to set up a business, read this article on the Gov.uk website provides quite a lot of information as to what types of business structures there are.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the Contact Us Page, our Facebook Page, or on Twitter or leave a comment below.

More actual than virtual

A growing trend allowing small business owners to free up some of their precious time is the use of a VA – a virtual assistant. As a company offering business services, it felt right to partner with a VA and be able to help our clients in even more service areas. We found a great one to get us started – Lucy – and here are some of the things she could help you with:

  • Invoicing
  • Follow-ups
  • E-mail filtering
  • Online research
  • Compiling reports/presentations
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Travel planning

Particularly if you’re the organised type, it’s easy to think more often than not that it is simply “quicker to just do that myself”. It’s only once you’ve started outsourcing some of the ongoing time-consuming tasks that it then becomes clear it actually is worth it. Once the training/handover part is done and that person is more familiar with your business, the delegation of tasks is very productive. Having someone that you don’t need to provide a desk and computer for and that only charges for the time spent assisting you each month is very economical and allows you to focus on your core skill area. Some owners detest the admin side of the business and having someone else do it relieves stress. Loyal VA logo edited
For example, if you came to Ihelm Enterprises for bookkeeping and also needed someone to manage your diary, we would directly refer you to our partner virtual assistant so that you could make arrangements with her. Soon afterwards, you’ve created more time by outsourcing your bookkeeping and diary management and can focus on what you do best for your business.

Continued Professional Development

html5 certificate

Anyone who is running a business, especially a service-based business, knows that in order to provide the best possible customer support you can, you need to continually keep on top of the latest “thing” in your industry. That “thing” could be:

  • software
  • technology
  • legislation
  • a number of other skills needed for running your business and providing your service

There are so many ways to continue with CPD (Continued Professional Development), and if you belong to some associations – like the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers for example – then you will have to make sure you obtain so many CPD points in a given year, and that you obtain the right type of CPD.

There are different types of CPD, and if you belong to a professional body they will outline exactly what sort of CPD you need to acquire, and how many hours or points you need. There are also many different ways you can acquire CPD.

In my case, in order to maintain my membership with the ICB, I am required to do 30 hours of CPD per year, and this is to be made up of structured and unstructured activities. Structured activities include:

  • attending branch meetings
  • seminars
  • training courses
  • obtaining more qualifications

Unstructured CDP is easier to achieve as it involves things like:

  • reading magazines/blogs/newsletters
  • meeting with clients
  • discussions with colleagues

I am constantly working on continued professional development with keeping on top of the latest rules concerning running a business or being self-employed, reading all of the newsletters I receive from my association and software companies, and doing various training courses. My clients can be assured that I am always striving to better my knowledge so I can offer them a fantastic service.

At Ihelm Enterprises though, continued professional development isn’t just for the bookkeeping and payroll side of things – we also continue to improve our knowledge of the latest technology, website software, and anything to do with websites and website hosting. Just recently myself and Michael completed an Introduction to HTML5 course and we both received a distinction. The course wasn’t very in-depth, but it gave us an introduction to the new CSS elements available with HTML5 and the best ways to implement them. This will, in turn, help us to help our clients with maintaining their websites and with making sure they are using the most up to date CSS elements. I am also currently working on a course that is introducing me to the top 5 social media trends for small businesses.

CPD does not have to be expensive. You can sign up to blogs and receive newsletters for free and there are all sorts of courses out there that are not expensive. You do need to be wary of courses that are free or are of low-cost as not all of them will provide you with the best information out there. I would suggest researching the courses or getting recommendations from other people that you know, to make sure the course offers you exactly what you are after.

CPD may not be mandatory in your line of work, but if you don’t work at improving your knowledge and skills, and keeping on top of the latest information for your sector, you won’t be able to offer the best service possible to your customers. Making sure that you continue to improve your skills is an important aspect of running a business, and something all business owners should do.

Don’t Risk Losing Money by Choosing the Wrong Business Name

So you’ve decided to set up your own business and you’ve chosen a name, but what do you do next? I’ve listed below four things you should do before setting your business name in stone.

  1. Check the name isn’t registered on Companies House. Even if you aren’t setting up a limited company, if the name is registered on Companies House than you cannot use it.
  2. Check to make sure the domain name is free by using a site like 123-reg.
  3. Search online to make sure there aren’t any other businesses in your area doing the same thing, with the same name.
  4. Check to make sure the name hasn’t been trademarked by visiting the Intelectual Property Office website.

Make sure your business name is definitely available to be used before spending money on marketing material. You don’t want to spend money producing business cards for example, and then find out that you can’t use that name.

Are you a UK Business Owner and use QuickBooks Online Simple Start, Essentials or Plus?  Are you unsure of how to use the software correctly?

If so, why not take a look at the 5-Day Online Video Training Course I have created to help UK Business Owners learn how to use the basic features of QuickBooks Online?

Over the course of 5-days, you will be guided through how to set up your products and services, how to set up for VAT, how to invoice customers and receive payments, how to track purchases and expenses, how to properly use the bank feed, and how to access some of the most common reports that every business needs.  You will have access to this course for life, so you can work at your own pace and keep going back to it!

For a one-off fee of £79.00, you will receive full access to the course and can continue to return back to it anytime you need to!

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