Working for you 24/7

Over the last 11 years, Ihelm Enterprises has grown, shrunk and grown again. The level of customer service has always remained the same, as demonstrated in a testimonial we received recently.

“I have had a hosting reseller account with Ihelm Enterprises for several years now. They are always friendly and courteous if I need any help, and on the odd occasion that there has been a problem with the server they have communicated progress in a timely manner so I can pass on the details to my clients. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone else need to buy hosting or a reseller package.” Lucy Jiwa, Jiwa Web Design

Ensuring our customers are receiving the service that they pay for is essential to our business. If our customers weren’t happy they would not recommend us to other people and the company wouldn’t grow.

Some key things to ensure our customers are pleased with our customer service are:

  • responding to e-mails as quick as possible
  • keeping customers informed if there are issues
  • giving proactive advice to customers before problems occur

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Ihelm Enterprises Customer Service